Hydro-Jetting & Rootering

Hydro jetting an effective way to restore the performance of your drain pipes that is environmentally safe, economical, and efficient.

Victoria's Hydro Jetting Experts

Hydro jetting from London Rooter is a very specialized service where our skilled technicians use specialized equipment that creates a high pressure stream of water what cuts through and removes grease & debris buildup in your sewer lines. This stream of water is so powerful it can even cut through and remove tree roots from your sewer pipes.

Hydro jetting is used to remove the obstructions that accumulate over the years by things such as grease, soap, hair, sewage sludge, cloth fibers, rags, paper products and other household debris. This debris accumulated on the interior walls of your sewer pipes often causing a disruption in the regular flow of your wastewater which in turn causes your drainage system to operate very slowly. If left untreated, it can become so thick that the obstruction will cause sewer water and waste to flow back into your home through the nearest drain, toilet or faucet.